Elope with Ease and Elegance at the Enchanted Lumber Baron Inn

Do you desire an intimate, elegant wedding celebration without a large audience and a thousand tiny details? How does this sound…..

You arrive at the Mansion in the afternoon, head into our beautiful Honeymoon Suite, and prepare for your ceremony.  In the late afternoon or early evening, you have an intimate ceremony in one of our three ceremony locations: Grand Ballroom, Dining Parlors or Rose Gardens).

After the vows have been said, you will be served a five-star chef prepared meal, and have the option to have wedding cake or a champagne toast. After your wedding meal, enjoy private access to our grand ballroom. You can dance together under our painted sky.

When you are finished, retire back to the Honeymoon Suite for the evening. There is a round soaking tub in the turret of your private room, and breakfast will be served in the morning when you rise.

Elegant Elopement Package $2,250

  • Overnight stay in the Honeymoon Suite
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Private dinner in turret or dining parlors
  • Private use of ballroom for dancing/reception
  • 1 bottle of champagne (or equivalent)
  • Breakfast and coffee in the morning

The price includes dinner for two people. If you wish to have a small group join you, we can accommodate up to 12 additional guests for the rate of $70 per person.

Elopements are typically offered on weekdays and Sundays (not Saturdays) as as we have a busy wedding and event schedule on Saturdays. Elopement celebrations must conclude by 9pm. Send me a note at lumberbaronevents.com  to check a date or schedule a tour!