Scottish Holiday Feast with Soprano Priscilla Astudillo

By November 7, 2017 September 12th, 2018 5,723 Comments

Priscilla take 2

The Lumber Baron Inn 2017 Scottish Holiday Feast!

Join us on December 21st — the darkest night of the year — to gather togehter and enjoy the serving of a fantastic holiday dinner.

This special occassion will be marked with a holiday menu that includes both Scottish favorites (to honor the Lumber Barons Scottish History), and traditional Christmas dishes. We are chef owned and operated and promise you – this will be a feast to remember. We will even clean up afterwards!

Because fine food pairs perfectly with fine music, this event will be augmented greatly by the voice of world-renowned soprano, Priscilla Estudillo.

Make the beauty of Lumber Baron Inn a part of your Holiday tradition this year.

Call 303-477-8205 for a reservation.