Are You Planning a Wedding or a Marriage?

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Some Musings on Elopement

I wanted to be a gracious bride. Not one of those so-called bridezillas, but one who was grateful for the time and money each guest was exchanging to be here on this decidedly special day. It was among my top priorities to greet and thank each of the 175 people who made it to my Colorado Mountain wedding.

I think people sometimes get married for other people. They invite everyone they have ever loved, and then they consider all of their preferences and dietary restrictions and whether so-and-so’s great aunt can make it up the stairs. The sweet and straightforward task of committing to a partner becomes heavily influenced by venue availability, flower selections, the perfect dress, the guest list, and so on. Marriage gets swallowed up by wedding.

The merging of large groups is always complex, and sometimes downright political. You seat uncle Greg as far away as you can from uncle Frank but if they pass eachother in the hallway, well, lets just hope everyone is minding their manners. But don’t think about that – there is a wedding to do. Smile!

I made it down the aisle and through the ceremony, which was so large that my groom felt embarrassed and shy, like a schoolboy forced into a play. But it all feels a bit translucent in my mind. A moving kaleidoscope of my favorite colors and the faces of 175 dear ones, all merged into one montage of movement that was…at times…dizzying. Overwhelming.

I have heard so many women tell similar tales, of a wedding day with picture perfect planning, tarnished only because they felt too overwhelmed by the sheer size of the event to be truly present in the intimate moments. Thank goodness for the photos…I guess?

It got us thinking about another way. A way to offer brides an experience that is just as elegant and special, tailored to their liking, but without the consideration of such a large party. Without serving hundreds, and without spending as much as a new car to do it.

The word elopement has changed over time and now often includes the bride and groom and a handful of their nearest and dearest. If you add an elegant environment with an amazing kitchen staff and luxurious guest suites, you have created a small, intimate wedding without sacrificing luxury or the opportunity for a truly celebrated day….at a fraction of the cost and planning!

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The Lumber Baron Inn offers such a concept in elopements. With 5 guest suites including a gorgeous bridal suite, the mansion can easily accommodate couples in the finest fashion. We offer our couples private dancing time in our grand ballroom, customized vows from our in-house ordained poet, and a private gourmet dinner in our turret tower with a striking 360 degree view of the Denver skyline.

Consider the advantages of a small wedding. It may be the intimate experience that you are seeking. Easy, enchanted elegance allows you so much space for grace.

Planning your big day? The Lumber Baron Inn should be on your list!

You can find details on our comprehensive elopement package can be found here.


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