Facility Pricing

Afternoon (11:30-4:00): $2,499
Evening (6:30-11:00): $2,999

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Recommended Providers


Professional Caterers

  • Food Guy | (303) 727-9200 | Website
  • Mike Klein | (720) 982-1195
  • Mark Millenson | (303) 388-9645
  • Lifestyles Catering | (303) 232-7932 | Website
  • Sushi by Night | (303) 346-7186 | Website



  • Bela Fiori | (303) 233-5566 | Website
  • Diz’s Daisys | (303) 477-7229 | Website
  • Passion Flowers | (303) 480-0495 | Website
  • Perfect Petal | (303) 480-0966 | Website


Professional Photographers

  • Advantage | (303) 722-4804 | Website
  • Andrea Flanagan | (720) 217-3251 | Website
  • Jeff Grey | (303) 936-1981 | Website
  • Kent Meirels | (303) 759-9574 | Website
  • Steve Thompson | (303) 347-0350 | Website
  • Paul Weinrauch | (303) 909-1059 | Website



  • Rev. Michael Woods | (303) 490-0398 | Website
  • Rev. Sam Downing | (720) 270-1789 | Website
  • Lyssabeth’s Wedding Officiants | (720) 259-1670 | Website
  • Rev. Gail Denton | (303) 530-4777 | Website


Ceremony Music

  • Nancy Brace (Harpist) | (303) 438-1542
  • Barbra (Quartet) | (303) 932-2127
  • Touch of Class Music | (303) 368-9524 | Website
  • Dickens Holiday Carolers | (303) 756-9868 | Website
  • Michael Lancaster (Bagpiper) | (303) 765-1245 | Website


Reception Entertainment

  • Blue Canyon Boys (Bluegrass) | (720) 855-3709 | Website
  • Brethren Fast (Rock-n-Roll) | (720) 244-4357 | Website
  • Pink Noise (DJ) | (303) 290-6067
  • A Music Plus (DJ) | (303) 426-9990 | Website
  • Sweetness and Company (DJ) | (303) 237-7777 | Website
  • Hot Tomatoes (Swing Band) | (303) 278-3771 | Website
  • Brian Dino (Magic) | (303) 455-4644 | Website


Many of our brides and couples plan every detail of their wedding day, and we love being part of it! At the Lumber Baron, we want to help in any way we can, and now that we’re entering our 15th year of hosting weddings, we’ve seen how to do it right…and how an event can get a little “off-track.” This page is dedicated to showing you a few of the “Wed Flags” in planning your wedding.
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1.BAD CATERER. The greatest attribute of booking your wedding at the Lumber Baron can sometimes turn into the greatest handicap. Our policy, with some exceptions, is to allow any licensed, insured caterer to come into the Inn and work your wedding. We’ve created a helpful, recommended provider listing on this site to guide you to folks who’ve done a great job here in the past. But even these folks can make mistakes and are sometimes removed. Who has been removed? Who would never, ever, make the list? Yes, there are caterers who are NEVER allowed back on the property- be sure you check with us before you sign a contract with a caterer. We reserve the right to refuse access to the property to anyone, including vendors. Finally, watch out for “rookie” caterers. If a caterer has never been to the Lumber Baron, there could be a reason. We’ve hosted virtually everybody in town, and if the caterer you’ve hired will be making their debut here at the Inn during your wedding, plan on them working out the kinks during your big day. This could also result in extra time on your part taking your “rookie” caterer through the policies and planning.
2.ROOKIE VENDORS. The above advice also goes for other vendors too. We’ve created a helpful, recommended provider listing on this site to guide you to folks who’ve done a great job here in the past. If a vendor has never been to the Lumber Baron, there could be a reason. Florists: Often arrive way too early, making set-up harder on everybody. Cake: Like florists, Cake vendors usually arrive way too early- long before a table has been set up for them to put the cake! For summer weddings this sometimes presents a melting problem- that’s why we ask for the cake to arrive a bit later, so as to preserve your sugar investment! Live bands: Look out if they proclaim that there is “no way” for them to control the volume of their sound. Super loud performances are not allowed and can lead to conflict during your reception. If you sense a problem when interviewing them, you’re probably right, don’t sign them up. Ceremony Music: Some quartets, trios, and others will demand a tented area for outside performances. The Lumber Baron doesn’t provide such tenting, so either hire someone different or prepare for an indoor ceremony if your talent turns fickle in questionable weather. Officients: This is the “least professional” category of vendors. It’s not that you shouldn’t have an uncle, friend from college, or neighbor perform the ceremony- they CAN do a good job. But, because most of the ceremonies are performed outside in the open air, many rookie officients have a tough time with voice projection. Help them out by getting them a microphone and amplifier.
3.OVER-PLANNED EVENTS. For some of us, no event can really be over-planned. And it really is a good thing to work through as many details as possible to help ensure a smooth-running event. But over the years we’ve discovered that some aspects of “over-planning” can begin to work against an event as much an “under-planning” might. At the Lumber Baron, we do not have the staff to handle “drop-in” tours -even if the in-laws are only in for a few hours from the East Coast and can’t see it any other time. Likewise, with dozens of weddings on the books every year, we simply can’t respond to 20, 30, 40+ emails or calls from just one couple.
4.OVER-INVOLVED PARENTS. Often, parents of couples are generous in funding a dream wedding for the kids. This creates a tricky dynamic where parents sometimes consider their gift granting a license to control the details of the event. That’s not always bad as we often will work exclusively with parents to plan the wedding. Problems can result however if the parents and the kids are just not communicating well, forcing us and the vendors into a confusing situation.