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Overnight Rooms The Rocky Mountain News proclaimed what many of our guests have been saying for years: the Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens -Top of the Rockies for hotels by this prestigious state-wide daily.  They’ve recognized how we’ve lovingly poured our heart and soul into restoring the Lumber Baron to its original glory- which awaits your arrival!

Casino Murder Mysteries
Book your Holiday Party Now! Our holiday parties are super fun! Not only murder mysteries- but also casino action! And who wouldn’t enjoy gambling without losing? There will be winners however- their names will be in lights with a chance to spin the big wheel for hilarious prizes.

HHHnewLogoShadowWatch out Denver! The Haunted House Hunt is on! Meet the wacky realtor Nancy Ann Cianci who has struggled selling Colorado’s most haunted Inn since last Halloween. Bring your friends and family to unravel the mystery featuring the Lumber Baron’s best real ghost stories!!! And yes- you’ll experience first hand the actual evidence collected by a host of paranormal investigators over nearly 20 years to decide for yourself if the Lumber Baron is really haunted! All the while enjoy a delicious dinner, our high-energy interactive multimedia, while mixing things up with a talented troupe of costumed characters. You’ll shiver at the ghost stories told by ghost-wrangler Lonetree Luke, rock to the retro sounds of Jack Tupp, while experiencing the psychic powers of Ignatia Neptu and Gilbert Gecko. Don’t miss the hunt- the Haunted House Hunt!